Thanks so much for checking out jenaythedreamer.com! Let me start with a brief introduction of myself, and what you can expect to discover here on the site:

So first things first –  My name is Jasmine and I’m a twenty-something year old mother of two AMAZING little boys: Dexter (6) & Gabriel (1)


…so dang cute, right?

Also important to note, I suffer from a plethora of mental illnesses such as Bipolar II Disorder, ADHD, and Social Anxiety just to name a few… So expect the majority of the content on here to be about mental health awareness and stigma prevention – ESPECIALLY when it comes to educating my fellow people of color. We gotta do better y’all!

That’s really what a bulk of the website’s focus will be, as mental health is something that everyone encounters at some point in life whether dealing with their own diagnosis, or that of a loved one.

…Other than that, you can expect to find content from me on a range of things including: My personal poetry and essays, social injustice and inequality, amateur photography shot by yours truly, being a working brown woman in corporate America, and everything else that makes us perfectly imperfect! Enjoy ❤️

– Jasmine JeNay ✨