Name: Angel

Age: 48

Diagnosis/Mental Issue: Generalized and Social Anxiety/Panic Attacks/Depression


So what’s your story?:

I never heard of Anxiety until I was far into my 20’s (1995). I can however, remember my first symptom that I had. I was stuck in traffic driving home and never realized that I was holding my breath until I made the biggest exhale and became lightheaded. (I didn’t know it was Anxiety). I had a friend who was given a holter monitor her for 24 hours because of her Anxiety. That’s when I finally started asking her about it.

I never went to the doctor about it, well because, it never happened again…Until I had a Gastric Bypass in May of 2000. One year after my surgery, I suddenly started having urges to drink wine, and party. I never had an issue before that. I would go to the local hole in the wall alone with Social Anxiety so I would drink to become a social butterfly. At a couple of points, it had gotten so worst that I was in the emergency room acting manic twice, and admitted for a panic attack and given Nitroglycerin. (I thought I was having a stroke because my hands balled up and I could not open them at work.) My mother was on Hospice, which did not make my situation any better. I would get so crazy with panic, that I would go out to my backyard and run laps around my yard!! My arms and fingers were numb. I could go ON and ON.


How Are You Feeling Now?:

Today, I am finally seeing a Psychiatrist who I am comfortable talking to and I have an appointment with a Psychologist as well. I have hope.
How Do You Practice Self-Care?:

I am currently on Xanax, Venlafaxine, Bupropion, and Trazodone. I take my Xanax and Trazodone at night because it makes me sleep and turns off my brain from thinking so much. I have to remind myself to breathe and take one day at a time.


What Do You Hope To Accomplish By Sharing Your Experience?:

I hope that by reading a little of my story, people will not be afraid to seek help and talk to a professional. WE ARE NOT CRAZY…even though we may feel like it.


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