Jenny’s Story

Name: Jenn Perez

Age: 39

Diagnosis/Mental Issue: Clinical depression and anxiety

So what’s your story?:

My current journey to mental and emotional health was sparked by events of my childhood
which included domestic abuse and the illness and death of both of my parents (before I was
17). Throughout my teens and until present, I’ve struggled with self-harm, suicidal tendencies,
paranoia, restrictive eating, over-exercising and a genuine fear of living another day
experiencing any or all of the above, whilst still maintaining a semblance of “normality”. For a number of my adult years, I was able to cope with the feelings of depression and anxiety on my own. However, a few changes in my life triggered all the negative reactions at once and I had to take action and seek professional help despite my pride, fear, privacy and sheer exhaustion. I knew I had to do this to remain a responsible parent to my child.

How Are You Feeling Now?:

I am currently on medication and have regular therapy sessions. I generally feel “well” but that
later of anxiety is always simmering beneath my exterior.

How Do You Practice Self-Care?:

I try to make time for fitness but I also allow myself to rest and sleep even though I am a very
busy parent. I also pray regularly for hope, peace and health.

What Do You Hope To Accomplish By Sharing Your Experience?:

I hope to encourage those who are suffering alone to seek professional help though every fibre in their being may tell them otherwise. And the right person or team may not come along right away, but keep persisting. There is a world that awaits you to experience it. Don’t deny the rest of us the light that I know is burning brightly within you.