February 18, 2008

To the sad and lonely boy I wish I knew….

You should really let me get inside your mind and set you free….
Let me take you away from this harsh reality –
let’s run away together, let’s be happy…

I understand you’ve been in situations that have left your feelings hurt:
Played the good guy and tried to spend time –
But in the end, it never worked.
So now I’m here to bare the burdens of all the others that broke your heart.
Now it’s sad and cold, it’s lonely and old;
Give it to me, and I PROMISE I’ll revive it anew…
Step by step.
A fresh, new start.

I daydream about our future together, and how potentially beautiful it could be…
But each day I start to realize more, that this will always be a silly little dream…
I often sit and fantasize about that one unrealistic time.
Where I’m longing for you to speak those words I only THINK I want to hear…
It’ll probably never happen – I’m sure.
And I know I’m in WAY too deep…but hey. A girl can always dream…

Thoughts of you consume my entire day and I just don’t understand WHY???
Reminiscing on past days, and when I’ll get to see you again….
My heart skips a beat every time your name crosses my mind.
I really don’t know what it is that you’ve done that’s got me feeling like this:
Rage. Anger. Disappointment….But most importantly – bliss.

Every other day I feel dumb, stupid and used,
I beat myself up wondering why I stick around for the abuse…
I fear I’ve somehow damaged what should have, and could have been –
By expressing all the feelings I simply can’t keep bottled up within.
Probably scared you away by showing you raw emotion,
Something you gave up on. Something I can’t keep on forcing.
Nonetheless, I still care for you a lot,
And I hope one day things will finally be in your favor.
Wish for you to hold your head up high in happiness.
No more anger or depression – Hope for everything to go your way…
But since right now isn’t that time, and I can’t be the one to help you realize –
I’ll just sit back, smile, and say:
Happy Valentines Day.

To: This one boy I wish I knew…

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